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Tobacco use is the leading PREVENTABLE cause of death in the United States. Creighton University has been involved in tobacco cessation research and programming since 1981. Working closely with physicians, pharmacists, and tobacco treatment specialists, School of Medicine faculty and staff developed a curriculum for tobacco cessation programs utilized around the Omaha metropolitan area and throughout Nebraska. Programs offered include individual and group counseling - geared to adults - as well as training opportunities for professionals. The School of Medicine is a leader in Nebraska for tobacco cessation.

Tobacco 101

The goal for participants of Tobacco 101 is not to quit tobacco use, but to better understand tobacco use and dependence. Tobacco 101 will help participants identify tobacco as a substance, understand the nature of addiction, and make good decisions for the future. It is available as an hour-long group presentation, or a three-part more interactive small group program.

Tobacco 101 is also available on-site to businesses for employees who are not quite ready to quit, but want more information about tobacco and quitting.

Download our brochure for more information on Tobacco 101


Commit to Quit

Commit to Quit is Creighton's highly successful smoking cessation curriculum, utilized in individual or group counseling. Commit to Quit assists in changing behaviors and quitting tobacco for good over the 7-week program.


Topics include:

  • Preparing for change
  • Identifying triggers
  • Coping techniques
  • Stress management
  • Pharmaceutical options

The School of Medicine also provides this program on-site to worksites around the Omaha area as a contracted wellness service. Approximately 30 local worksite locations contract with Creighton University to provide this service to their employees.

A message from a Commit to Quit Participant:
"Thanks to everyone's assistance, I have been able to stay away from nicotine. All of the counselors were extremely helpful and supportive. Without the program, I probably would not have been successful in quitting. Thanks for your help!"

Download the our brochure form more information on Commit to Quit

Training Programs

Creighton University School of Medicine provides trainings on tobacco treatment to a variety of audiences. Training programs available vary in length and audience, and include curriculum for students, health educators, nurses, pharmacists, and physicians. These programs can be tailored to fit just about any needs.

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