Allergy and Immunology

Allergy and Immunology

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Creighton University Education Building
7710 Mercy Road, Suite 301
Omaha, Neb.

The Creighton University School of Medicine Division of Allergy & Immunology comprises several elements including clinical practice, basic science, and clinical research. The cornerstones of the division are an allergy and immunology fellowship program, and a basic science graduate program. The success of this division is made possible by the combined efforts of the faculty, staff, fellows-in-training, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students.

The divisionís mission is to provide quality patient care and education, and to advance the understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of allergic and immunologic diseases. Through clinical and basic science research, we are able to provide patients with the newest advances in medicine to better manage their diseases and improve their quality of life. 

The primary hospital affiliation is through CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center. Our highly trained physicians and fellows offer adult and pediatric outpatient clinic services, not only at CHI Health CUMC, but also at VA Medical Center, Childrenís Hospital and Montgomery County Memorial Hospital in Red Oak, Iowa.