Hunter, William J. M.D.

Hunter, William J. M.D.

Department of Pathology: Professor

Specialties: Electron Microscopy, Renal and Cardiovascular Pathology, Transfusion Medicine, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Professor of Pathology,
Pathologist, Creighton University Medical Center and Omaha Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Contact Information

Primary Location:
Alegent Creighton Health/Creighton University Medical Center
Pathology Department 
601 N. 30th St
Omaha, NE. 68178

Email Address

Education and Training

B.S. - Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington (1967)
M.D. - Creighton University, Omaha, NE (1971)
Pathology Residency - University of Kansas Medical Center (1975)
Board Certified:
Anatomic/Clinical Pathology (1975)
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine (1979)


  • Teaching: Course Director:

IDC201 Cardiovascular System (M-2 year)
IDC279 Case studies in Medicine (small group sessions M-2 year)

  • Lecturer in Molecular and Cell Biology, Neurosciences (M-1 year), Hematology/Oncology, Renal, Endocrine/Reproductive, Gastrointestinal System Courses (M-2 year)
  • Co-director and lecture in NUR 651, advanced Patholophysiology to graduate nurse practitioner program
  • Pathology residents - autopsy, surgical and cytopathology

    Research Sub-specialty Interests

    • Atherosclerosis as an inflammatory disease
    • Vitamin D and atherosclerosis
    • Apoptosis


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