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 "You will reach your destination if you walk with God"

Creighton Exists for students and learning

Members of the Creighton Community are challenged to reflect on transcendent values, including their relationship with God, in an atmosphere of freedom of inquiry, belief and religious worship (from the mission statement of Creighton University).

Creighton's School of Medicine's Chaplain's office is involved with first year student orientation sessions, facilitating a weekly faith sharing group, medical marriages, yearly retreat along with daily support for students. Students have described the Chaplain's office as "a home away from home", "comfy", "welcoming", "supportive", "a caffeine and chocolate haven". The Chaplain's Office is located in the Criss III building room 351 while the school's Chapel is located in the Criss II building room 202 where Mass is offered Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m.

The Chaplain interacts daily with students, lending a supportive ear as students face change, challenges, and opportunities. For more information feel free to contract the Chaplain, Marcia Cusic at or call (402) 280-4755