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The 43rd Annual Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum was held February 18, 2012. This year there were a total of 125 participants with 32 of them being Creighton students.
Two Department of Pharmacology graduate students were recognized for their outstanding poster presentations. They were:
1st Place Graduate Student Poster Presentation - $500 + Plaque ~ Harrison Roundtree  "Pathologic Hypocretin Circuitry: A Novel Mechanism of Sleep Disorders Associated with Epilepsy in KV1.1 Knock-out Mice"

Advisors: Drs. Kristina Simeone and Timothy Simeone
3rd Place Graduate Student Poster Presentation - $100 + Plaque ~ Sairam Jabba  "Sodium Channel Activator-Stimulated Neuronal Development Involves NMDA Receptor and BDNF -  TRKB Signaling"

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Murray