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The Office of Admissions thanks you for your continued interest in Creighton University School of Medicine.  We likewise continue to have great interest in you as a candidate for the Fall M1 Class.    



The Committee on Admissions is preparing to begin reviewing the alternate pool for admissions purposes.  During this process you will periodically receive an email requesting you to verify and/or update your status within the alternate pool.  We kindly ask for your prompt response to these requests.


First, please let us explain a few points about Creighton's Alternate Pool:

  1. The Creighton Alternate Pool is not ranked.
  2. The Committee on Admissions will begin to review alternate applicants after the accepted deposit deadline of April 30th has passed.  We expect to accept our first group of alternates sometime in June.  Alternates will be continually reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the summer as positions become available. 
  3. An alternate applicant's whole application, particularly any UPDATES that are submitted, will be reviewed during this process.  Please note the Committee does not make the decision for admission based only on an applicant's "numbers".  The Committee appreciates the following updates:
    • Academic records: please feel free to submit unofficial transcripts if you wish to update the University about your grades.  Final transcripts are not needed at this time.  
    • Physician shadowing
    • Clinical experiences
    • Non-medical community service experiences


Updates will only be accepted that are submitted through the Secondary Application Portal This expedites the review process.  Please utilize the following instructions in order to submit your updates:

    • Log into the Secondary Application Portal
    • Click the "Check Status/Next Steps" menu option located on the right of the page.  You will be taken to the Check Status Page.
    • Under the "Update Materials" section please click the Document Uploads radial button.  You will be taken to the Update Materials webpage.  Please follow the instructions on the page to submit your updates.  Please note that the Office of Medical Admissions does not accept books, tapes, or bulky objects.

Please attempt to submit your updates by May 15th, if possible.  This will ensure your update(s) is/are added to your file before the Committee begins its review of alternate applicants.

  1. It is OK to accept an offer of admission from Creighton University after April 30th, even if you have paid an enrollment deposit to another institution.  You will be asked to make a decision between the institutions, and withdraw your acceptance from the institution where you do not wish to enroll in order to ensure that you are holding only one acceptance.  
  2. You may maintain your alternate status with Creighton University for as long as you wish, regardless of whether or not you have accepted a position elsewhere.
  3. Decisions and offers from Creighton may be made throughout the summer and up to the date of matriculation! 


We ask you to complete the following actions in order to ensure that the alternate pool is current :


  • Please update AMCAS with your summer contact information.  This will include your most current:  
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  • If your plans have changed and you do not wish to be considered for admission please email the Office of Medical Admissions at in order to withdraw your application.


If you have any questions about Creighton's alternate review process, please feel free to contact the Office of Medical Admissions at 402-280-2799 or 800-325-4405 or  We would be happy to help you.