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Extracurricular Requirements

The Committee on Admissions will select those applicants whom they judge to be the best qualified for the study and practice of medicine.  In evaluating the applicants, consideration will be given to all of the qualities considered to be necessary in a physician: intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, honesty, and proper motivation, and proven scholastic ability. 

In addition, the Committee on Admissions requires applicants to have a foundation in the following activities:

  • Commitment to "service of others" through non-medical volunteer activities
  • Physician shadowing experiences
  • Patient contact through clinical and/or medical experiences

Scientific research, though not required for admission, is also highly valued by the Committee on Admissions.


Educational Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for admission to the School of Medicine is the completion of a bachelor's degree and all course requirements.  Please note that all course requirements need to be completed by June 1 of the entrance year.  (The Office of Medical Admissions encourages students to complete all academic requirements prior to sitting for the MCAT.)  In addition, all course requirements must be completed at an accredited college or university located within the United States or Canada.

College studies prior to admission to the School of Medicine should include subjects appropriate to a liberal arts education.  The following courses are required for admission and are considered essential for the successful pursuit of the medical curriculum at Creighton University.  


Fall 2015 Requirements

Required Courses

Semester Hours

Biology (with lab)


Chemistry, Inorganic (with lab)


Chemistry, Organic (with lab)


English (coursework with stress on composition)


Physics (with lab)



Recommended Courses

  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology 

Courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, as well as others that require critical thinking, reading skills, and reading comprehension are also strongly recommended for any applicant.  Applicants are also encouraged to acquire facility in speaking and writing the Spanish Language.

Applicants may pursue a baccalaureate program within any major discipline except military science.  Applicants are encouraged to complete majors appropriate to their academic interests.  Examples are biology, business, chemistry, English, foreign language, history, literature, physics, political science, psychology, or sociology.  Up to 27 hours of credit earned under Advance Placement (AP), CLEP, and/or P/F status are acceptable.


Fall 2016 Required Courses

Required Courses

  • Biochemistry
  • Human/Animal Physiology
  • Statistics*
  • English: two courses that emphasize writing

*The statistics requirement may be fulfilled either by completing a specific statistics course, or by completing a non-statistics course that includes coursework that provides the applicant with foundational statistical concepts.

Preference for Admission

Preference for Admission will be given to applicants who complete at least one advanced science course, in addition to the required coursework, that builds a foundation within human or molecular-cellular biology.



Applicants should take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the spring of the year preceding their application to medical school.  Fall test results may be used in the evaluation of applicants who are not applying under the Early Decision Program (EDP).  Creighton University will not consider MCAT scores submitted from examinations taken prior to those listed in the "Oldest MCAT Score" column in the table below.  The latest MCAT scores considered are listed in the "Newest MCAT Score" column.

   Entry Year  

    Oldest MCAT Scores   

    Newest MCAT Scores


January 2011

September 2013


January 2012

September 2014


January 2013

September 2015


January 2014

September 2016

Please review the following AAMC sites for information pertaining to the current MCAT and the MCAT 2015: