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The educational curriculum is distributed throughout the four years of instruction.  The first two years provide a foundation for the education program by presenting basic science information in a clinically relevant context.  The program builds on itself in the third year where students complete core clerkships which emphasize basic medical principles, primary care, and preventive medicine.  Students will use the knowledge obtained during the first two years throughout their clerkship experiences.  During the final year of instruction, students prepare for residency by completing clerkships which require more in-depth patient care responsibilities.

M1 Year Goals

  1. Provide students with a strong foundation in the biomedical sciences.
  2. Introduce students to principles of ethics and behavioral sciences.
  3. Teach students the fundamentals of physical assessment and interviewing techniques.


M2 Year Goals

  1. Build on the studentsí biomedical science foundation through multidisciplinary team-taught organ systems-based courses.
  2. Develop applied clinical and reasoning skills through the Longitudinal Clinic program and small group discussions.
  3. Address the psychosocial aspects of medicine.


M3 Year Goals

  1. Complete six core clinical clerkships which provide students with instruction in basic medical principles, primary care, and preventive medicine.  The clerkships also provide our studentsí a foundation for clinical practice.  This foundation will prepare them for both residency and their future practice in medicine:
    • Ambulatory Primary Care
    • Inpatient Medicine
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry
    • Surgery
  2. Obtain certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  3. Prepare for the comprehensive clinical competency examination given in the spring of third year.



M4 Year Goals

  1. Students complete their preparation for residency through exploration of various areas of medicine in both required and elective clerkships and courses.
    • Required completion of three clerkships in surgery and critical care medicine and/or primary care.
    • Completion of 24 weeks of elective clerkships locally, nationally, and internationally.



To review the complete curriculum, please visit THE CREIGHTON MEDICAL CURRICULUM.