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Students have the opportunity to obtain a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master's Degree through one of three joint degree programs offered by the School of Medicine.

  1. A Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA) is a joint degree program offered by School of Medicine and the College of Business.  The MD/MBA degree program provides students with additional career opportunities as administrators and executives in health-care related fields.  It will also help MDs in large and small practices perform business-related functions more effectively and with a deeper level of understanding. 
  2. An MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science (MD/MSCTS), offered by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science prepares scholars to identify important clinical questions, develop research protocols, conduct clinical and translational investigations in highly interdisciplinary and collaborative team settings, generate pilot data, analyze and record the results in a publishable form, and develop and submit grant proposals.  Graduates of the MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science will have gained the ability to conduct clinical and translational research as independent investigators during the course of residency in their chosen specialty.
  3. An MD/MS in Health Care Ethics dual degree program (MD/MSCHE), offered online in conjunction with their MD coursework through the Center for Health Policy and Ethics at Creighton University.  The MD/MS in Health Care Ethics program offers students the opportunity to earn a medical degree, explore the area of health care ethics in more depth, and gives them a year to explore their passions (for example, work, volunteer or shadow) as they gain a valuable MS degree in Health Care Ethics.

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