Chief Resident's Message

Message from Chief Resident Anita Bansal, MD

Anita Bansal, MDThank you for taking the time to visit our website as you make one of the most important decisions of your career. At Creighton-Nebraska, we provide a solid foundation on which to build as you develop knowledge and pursue success in the field of psychiatry.

Psychiatry is a rapidly advancing field that offers great opportunities, and the Creighton-Nebraska Psychiatry Residency Program makes an excellent choice. As this is a joint residency program, our residents get the best that Creighton University and the University of Nebraska have to offer. We diagnose and treat pathologies that span across the spectrum of psychiatry. We work at a variety of locations, which provides an opportunity to become proficient in multiple electronic health records, see how various hospitals run, and ultimately decide what environment you will thrive in once residency is completed.

We have multiple sub-specialists in areas including Geriatric Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, and Psychosomatic Psychiatry. Other faculty have specialized practices in areas such as women’s health, integrated care, community psychiatry, ADHD, psychodynamic psychotherapy, telemedicine, addiction medicine, and research. They are also expanding to provide services to students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With such diverse faculty and training locations, residents are able to find mentors and pursue their own unique interests.

During my time at Creighton-Nebraska, I have found life-long friends and mentors, and developed confidence in my clinical skills and psychiatric knowledge. This is an exciting time for both our field of medicine and training program. We hope you choose to visit and see for yourself all we have to offer you. Best of luck in your future!

Anita Bansal, MD