Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

I would like to personally welcome you to the Creighton University Department of Radiology website and appreciate the opportunity to share with you information about our department and Radiology Residency Training Program.

Mission and Values

Our department mission stems from the core principles of Catholic, Jesuit education that originated over 450 years ago and continues today. These values provide an interdisciplinary foundation for each resident and faculty member and offer life-long principles for radiologists to embrace and share with the world. The core principles are:

Magis: meaning "the greater good". Magis embodies the idea of discerning. "What is the best health care choice or medical imaging study in a given situation, of several good choices, to better serve or glorify God and make a difference?" Magis challenges you to strive for excellence during your residency training.

Men and Women For and With Others: A spirit of giving, service and solidarity with another and those underserved, recognizing that all humans have physical and spiritual needs. Our goal is to form radiology physician leaders who are "men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment".

Cura Personalis: meaning "care for the person" and concern for the personal development of the "whole person", promoting human dignity. It describes care we give as residents and faculty: not only of our knowledge, expertise and skill, but of ourselves as well. We care for the uninsured and work with all - no exceptions.

Total Unity: The essence of Ignatian spirituality, teaching us to experience life attuned to God's activity in everyday circumstances such as interpreting images or counseling a patient. Finding God in all things we do while teaching and learning a science to become aware of the beauty in everything created through an ongoing process of personal reflection.

Agents of Change: Faculty and radiology residents alike are encouraged to seek justice, especially for the poor and marginalized -those on the periphery of society and without health care choices. We strive to prepare radiologists to be change-agents in society and their professional lives whether academics, community practice or industry and be "contemplatives in action".

Residency Program Teaching Principles

Our residency program utilizes three Teaching Principles. First, we will teach you the necessary skills to become a Board Certified Radiologist, competent in advanced radiology knowledge and interpretation and able to enter a career in academia, community practice, industry or research. We have successfully placed all graduating residents in fellowship programs and each has obtained employment of their choice. Second, you will learn communication and relational skills to educate others about imaging findings and their value to total patient care. You will become an "educator" in many circumstances - with one other, faculty, house staff and medical students - and become life-long learners during this process. Lastly, we will show you how radiology fits into the global health care system at this time of change and understand the necessary tools to make your career meaningful, balanced and service-oriented.


Our research focus is individually directed and consists of manuscript and scientific abstract preparation, poster presentations, multi-media submissions, Quality Improvement projects and Grand Round lectures. We stress the scientific process and "what makes sense" to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs. We foster inter-departmental collaboration and work closely with the Creighton University Institute of Translational Medicine to guide our research endeavors.

Our faculty are engaged instructors who are friendly and will make you feel at home - they are here to mentor and help you grow.

Training Sites and Facilities

The radiology program recently moved to a newly built academic medical center with modern reading and conference rooms, student study areas, clinics and library. Much effort went into the building design of mixed-use spaces to allow collaborative or individual work. Our hospital partner is Catholic Health Initiatives, one of the largest Health Care Systems in the U.S. Four hospitals (Bergan Mercy Medical Center, Immanuel Medical Center, Lakeside Hospital and Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs) provide imaging cases and interventional procedures plus pediatric radiology rotations through a freestanding Omaha Children's Hospital. This mix offers multi-site training opportunities in trauma, neurologic disorders and stroke, cancer and other disciplines. Catholic Health Initiatives wholly supports the academic mission of the Medical School and their scope and national influence allows for academic innovation and job opportunities.


Omaha is pure Midwest, the central O in America's cultural wheel, historically at the crossroads of highways, railroads and the Missouri River. It's safe and easy to get around with big skies, long horizons and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. People are friendly with a little bit of everything: seasons, sports, arts, start-ups, eclectic restaurants, nightlife and coffee shops. It's a short hop to Chicago, the Twin Cities, Denver and Kansas City. Our residents tell me, "It's great...big enough, but with a small town feeling - we like it here".

Please contact our program director, Dr. Johanna Schubert, with specific residency questions or myself ( The residency information page is comprehensive and able to address most questions. Good luck with your journey and give us a good look - you won't be disappointed.

Joe Stavas, MD, MPH, FACR, FSIR

Chair and Dr. Paul S. Mahoney Professor of Medical Imaging
Creighton University School of Medicin