Endowed Chairs

School of Medicine Endowed Chairs and Professors

Students, staff and faculty at Creighton’s School of Medicine benefit from working side-by-side with some of the world’s most talented scholars: our endowed chairs and professors.

The Peekie Nash Carpenter Endowed Chair in Medicine (1992)

Nicole M. Piemonte, PhD, Chairholder
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Phoenix Campus

The Dr. Harry E. Stuckenhoff Endowed Chair in Surgery (1993)

Marcus W. Balters, MD, Chairholder
Associate Professor
Program Director, General Surgery Residency




The Dr. Roland L. Kleeberger Endowed Chair (1996)

Amy McGaha, MD, Chairholder
Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine
Director of Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment in the Center for Interprofessional Education, Practice and Research (CIPER)


The Tenet Healthcare Endowed Chair (1998)

Michael H. Kim, MD, MMM, FACC, FAHA, FHRS, Chairholder
Professor, Chair, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Omaha Campus

The Dr. Harold J. Bonnstetter Endowed Chair in Preventive Medicine (1999)

Brian W. Loggie, MD, CM, FRCSC, FACS, Chairholder
Professor of Surgery, Chief of Surgical Oncology Division,
Director of Cancer Biology Program

The Dr. & Mrs. Arnold W. Lempka Endowed Chair in Surgery (2001)

Robert J. Fitzgibbons, Jr., MD’74, FACS, Chairholder
Professor of Surgery, Chief of General Surgery Division

The Charles F. & Mary C. Heider Endowed Chair in Cancer Research (2004)

Robin Farias-Eisner, MD, PhD, Chairholder
Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Director of the Hereditary Cancer Center


The Sheila and James J. Shea Family Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology (2006)

Charles Youngblood, MD, Chairholder
Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology



The Dr. Paul S. Mahoney Endowed Chair in Radiology & Medical Imaging (2008)


The August H. Bergman, MD Endowed Chair in Cardiology (2008)

Michael G. Del Core, MD, Chairholder
Professor, Program Director, School of Medicine - Department of Medicine Cardiology Division Interventional Cardiology

The Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - J. Dan Egan, M.D., Endowed Chair in Nephrology (2012)


The O’Brien Endowed Chair in Health Sciences (2016)

*Alternates between School of Medicine and College of Nursing every 5 years.

 Robert R. Recker, MD, Chairholder
Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine


Richard L. Deming, MD Endowed Chair in Medical Humanities (2019)

Rachel L. Mindrup, MFA, Chairholder
Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences