GME COVID-19 Information

GME Office COVID-19 Information for Residents and Fellows

Updated April 16

GME Office COVID-19 Information for Residents and Fellows

Numbers to Graduate and Boards Update

The ACGME has officially released that residents can graduate with less numbers if the program director, with consideration of the recommendations of the program’s Clinical Competence Committee, deems an individual resident/fellow competent. This takes some pressure off of residents as elective cases are cancelled. Continue to work with your program on details.  The American Board of Medical Specialties has also made allowances – click here to go to your specific board website to find out what those are.


The ACGME has also cleared tele-health and tele-supervision to count as training opportunities. When things return to normal these rules will be determined by each specialty so it may not remain permanent.

Here is a video of how to do virtual rounds so the entire team is still involved.  It is important to note that the attending still physically sees the patient every day.  With medical students back at the hospital this might help them still have learning from PUI and COVID patients. 

How to Protect Yourself and Your Patients

If you get ill–what you need to do

If you get ill or are sent home for an elevated temperature please call your program coordinator immediately. You will be contacted by a the resident health nurse who will counsel you as to when you can return to work.

Some Learning Opportunities

Update on Travel


CHI has lifted the requirement for 14 day quarantine for those who travel. We will now change our GME personal travel policy to lift the 14 day restriction even if traveling to an area of community spread. Please realize this is a very fluid, rapidly changing situation and that I cannot predict that travel restrictions will not be in place when you return. Also, you should know that the CDC still recommends against travel. As we move into a stage of lifting restrictions where we are limiting exposures rather then eliminating exposures, please do as much as you can to reduce infectious spread of COVID such as masking, social distancing and limiting non-essential travel. Our commitment to do no harm applies in how we live our lives outside of medicine in this pandemic. The public looks to us to role model best practices in our behavior.

Also, note that the Creighton travel policy prohibiting business and educational related travel remains in place.

Work reporting

Residents are essential personnel and should report to work regardless of Creighton University announcements. If you have concerns, please contact your program for process. 

Leave questions

Please contact your GME office for questions around types of leave available for specific circumstances. The university has expanded leave for residents and fellows who may need to be quarantined. Click here for frequently asked questions on leave during the COVID-19 pandemic.