Zoran Gatalica, MD
Zoran Gatalica, MD

Zoran Gatalica, MD

Clinical Professor
School of Medicine, Phoenix Campus

Academic Appointments


  • Pathology (Phoenix)


  • Clinical Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Murray NR, Jamieson L, Yu W, Gokmen-Polar Y, Sier D, Anastasidis P, Gatalica Z, Thompson EA and Fields AP: Prtoein kinase C iota is required for ras transformation and coloncarcinogenesis inv ivo., J. Cell Biology, 164, 797-802, 2004
  • Haeberle H, Casola A, gatalica Z et al. The Ikappa B kinase is a critical regulator of chemokine expression and lung inflammation in respiratory syncytial virus infection., J. Virol., 78, 2232-2241, 2004
  • Velagaleti GV, Miettinen M and gatalica Z: Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor with rhabdomyoblastic differentiation (malignant triton tumor)with reciprocal translocation (7;9)(q11.2;p24) and unbalanced translocation der(16)(1;16)(q23;q13)., Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, 149, 23-27, 2004
  • Lynch HT, Deters CA, Hogg D, Lynch JF, Kinarsky J and Gatalica Z: Familial sarcoma: Challenging pedigrees., Cancer, 98, 1947-1957, 2003
  • Popnikolov NK, Ayala AG, Graves K, and Gatalica Z: Benign myoepithalial tumors of the brest have immunophenotypical characteristics similar to metaplastic matrix producing and spindle cell carcinomas., American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 120, 161-167, 2003
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  • Haeberle HA, Takizawa R, Casola A, Brasier AR, Dieterich HJ, Van Rooijen N, Gatalica Z, Garofalo RP:Respiratory syncytial virus-induced activation of nuclear factor-kappaB in the lung involves alveolar macrophages and toll-like receptor 4-dependent pathways, J Infect Dis, 186(9), 1199-206, 2002
  • Yoon S, Kuivaniemi H, Gatalica Z, Olson JM, Buttice G, Ye S, Norris BA, Malcom GT, Strong JP, Tromp G:MMP13 promoter polymorphism is associated with atherosclerosis in the abdominal aorta of young black males., Matrix Biology, 21(6), 487-98, 2002
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  • Doodla S, Townley T, Gatalica Z, Hashish HA: Cerebrovascular accident in an elderly patient – Importance of echocardiogram. 27th SGIM, Chicago, IL may12-15, 2004., 2004
  • Zafar S, Gao X, Mohsin SK, Gatalica Z, Nawaz Z: E6-associated protein (E6-AP) is involved in the carcinogenesis of human breast and prostate. 95th AACR Annual Meeting, March 27-31, 2004, Orlando, FL. Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research 2004; 45:abstract 441, 2004
  • Nicole R. Murray, Lee Jamieson, Wangsheng Yu, Jie Zhang, Yesim Gokmen-Polar, Panos Anastasiadis, Zoran Gatalica, E. Aubrey Thompson, Alan P. Fields:.Protein kinase Cé is required for Ras transformation and colon carcinogenesis in vivo. 95th AACR Annual Meeting, March 27-31, 2004, Orlando, FL.Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research 2004; 45:abstract 5512, 2004
  • Bewtra C, Hatcher L, Xie Q, Gatalica Z, Soundararajan S and Zhou F: Genital human papilloma virus testing by in-situ hybridization method in liquid prepared atypical cytologic material and follow up biopsies. Annual Meeting of United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Vancouver, BC, March 2004 Mod. Pathol.17 (Suppl 1):62A, 2004, 2004
  • Sanati S, Soundararajan S, Gatalica Z: Sentinel lymph node metastasis of breast carcinoma is directly proportional to the size of invasive tumor but does not depend on increased microvascular density. Annual Meeting of United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Vancouver, BC, March 2004 Mod. Pathol.17 (Suppl 1):48A, 2004, 2004
  • Gatalica Z, Sanati S, Soundararajan S: Factors influencing the presence of sentinel lymph node metastasis in patients with breast carcinoma. 19th European Congress of Pathology, Ljubljana Slovenia, September 6-11, 2003 Virchows Archiv 443(3):264, 2003, 2003
  • Ciocca V, Bombonati A, Gatalica Z, Monzon F, , Palazzo JP, M. Di Pasquale: Cytokeratin profiles in male breast cancer. 2003 Annual Meeting CAP San Diego 2003; Arch Pathol Lab Med 2004;128:150., 2003
  • Surgical Pathology Lecture: Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, 2003

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