Dennis A. Thiel, MD
Dennis A. Thiel, MD

Dennis A. Thiel, MD

Assistant Professor
School of Medicine, Omaha Campus

Academic Appointments


  • Anesthesiology


  • Assistant Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • "Accidental Tracheal Extubation of a Patient in the Prone Position". Thiel, Dennis; Houten, John; Wecksell, Matthew, A&A Case Reports, 2(2), 20-22, 2014


  • Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologists (SCA) -Annual Meeting. Valve-in-Valve TAVR for Acute Bioprosthesis Degeneration, 2014
  • Post Graduate Assembly (PGA) -NYC: ECG Interpretation Workshop and novel prone airway management algorithm, 2012
  • ASA meeting -Washington D.C. Medically Challenging Case: Unplanned Extubation in the Prone Position, 2012
  • Montefiore Hospital (AECOM):- Departmental Grand Rounds. "Accident Prone", 2012
  • PGA-NYC, - Life as a Resident. Organized informal talk to Medical Students, 2011