Carol S. Lomneth, PhD
Carol S. Lomneth, PhD

Carol S. Lomneth, PhD

School of Medicine, Omaha Campus


  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Medical Education

Academic Appointments


  • Medical Education


  • Professor

Publications and Presentations


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Research and Scholarship

Grant Funding Received

  • Optimal Stent Selection for the Femoropopliteal Artery
  • Enhancing Active Learning in the Anatomy Curriculum, UNMC Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and UNMC Dean College of Medicine

Awards and Honors

  • UNMC Outstanding Mentor of Junior Faculty Award, UNMC, 2014
  • Class of 1962 Basic Science Outstanding Teacher Award, UNMC College of Medicine, 2013
  • Medical Pioneers Award, UNMC, 2013
  • Silver U Award, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2009
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2008
  • Golden Apple Award - Hirschman Prize (4th year Medical Students), UNMC, 2005
  • Alvin Earle Award Outstanding Health Science Educator Award, 2004
  • Class of 1962 Basic Science Outstanding Teacher Award, UNMC College of Medicine, 2003