Adam D. Highley, MD
Adam D. Highley, MD

Adam D. Highley, MD

Assistant Professor
School of Medicine, Omaha Campus

Academic Appointments


  • Medicine


  • Assistant Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Waste not, want not: diagnostic material found in suction syringe aspirate during endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration.
    Jagan N1, Landeen CA1, Moore DR1, Highley AD1, Walters RW2, DePew ZS1.
    PMID 31559029
     , Journal of Thoracic Disease, 11;8, 3270-3275, 2019
  • Highley AD, Cookman C, Morrow LE, Malesker MA.  Severe Asthma: An Update for 2019.  U.S. Pharmacist.  2019;44(7):HS2-HS7.
     , US Pharmacist, 2019 44;7, HS2-HS7, 2019


  • Randhawa, S., Griffin, E., Dhingra, M., Hiatt, M., Alberts, J., Noble, V., Highley, A. Portopulmonary Hypertension: A Case Report With Management Considerations. American Thoracic Society International Conference, Dallas, TX., 2019

  • Parekh J, Macaraeg J, Klug M, Loranger A, Highley A. A Rare Case of Rhinovirus Associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in a 51-Year-Old Woman
    o   SCCM Conference – San Diego, CA – February 2019
     , 2019
  • The Feedback Model – Applying Effective Feedback in Education
    o   Creighton University Pulmonary, Critical Care Grand Rounds – 8/2/2018
     , 2018