Defining Event of Our Time

Defining Event of Our Time

Brett BoggustBrett Boggust, who has one degree from Creighton, in emergency medical services, and is working on a second, as a first-year medical student, has volunteered as an immunizer at three of the first six COVID-19 community vaccine clinics being held at Creighton.

“This is historic, and I think it’s something that my generation is going to look back on as one of the defining events of our time,” Boggust said. “It’s such a simple thing, to get the shots and prevent illness.”

The Rochester, Minnesota, native earned his bachelor’s degree in emergency medical services at Creighton in 2019, and then worked as a paramedic for a time before beginning medical school this past fall. While the pace of medical school has been intense, he said his EMS degree prepared him well.

“It was the best thing I could have chosen to do for undergrad,” Boggust said. “The experience of taking care of patients and making clinical decisions was the best preparation for medical school that I ever could have possibly had. It’s kind of a hidden gem.”

Boggust said he’s been interested in a career in medicine since high school, and is following in his father’s footsteps. His dad, Andy Boggust, earned his undergraduate (1983) and medical (1989) degrees from Creighton and is currently an emergency medicine physician at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

“I’m pretty focused on emergency medicine as a specialty, too,” Brett said. “And my paramedic background, I think, will really help me.” 

So will his time at the COVID-19 clinic – providing perspective on the ultimate goal of the health professions … serving patients and improving lives.

“It’s nice to get out and see real patients with real lives, and hear things like, ‘I’m so excited to go and hug my grandkids.’”