Internal Medicine Residency

Internal Medicine Residency

School of Medicine Class of 2021

Program Aim: Embrace diversity and promote resilience in our graduates who excel in compassion for others, research, and academic leadership.

Our Internal Medicine Residency Program goes beyond providing you with the academic learning environment and the clinical experience that is essential for the practice of medicine. Inspired by Jesuit values, we take pride in developing not just your professional skills, but also the whole person. We are comprised of engaged and enthusiastic individuals focused on treating and training in an environment anchored in heart, mind and soul.

What to expect from your Internal Medicine residency at Creighton: 

  • A diverse patient population: by gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status with a variety of clinical problems and stages of disease.
  • Balance between residency, study time and family.
  • Ongoing core faculty mentorships.
  • Appropriate level of autonomy while being pushed to succeed.
  • A comprehensive administrative team that responds to the needs of our residents.
  • Eligible for tuition remission.

Hear From Our Residents and Faculty

Ready to learn more and meet some of the incredible people that make up our Internal Medicine program? Watch the following video highlights and you’ll see our culture is one of teamwork, respect and genuine care.  

Why Choose Internal Medicine at Creighton?

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mission statement

As a department of Creighton University, our Mission is excellence in our professional programs. Creighton exists for students and learning. Members of the Creighton community are challenged to reflect on transcendent values, including a relationship with God, in an atmosphere of freedom of inquiry, belief and religious worship. Service to others, the importance of family life, the inalienable worth of each individual, and appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity, are core values of Creighton; Creighton faculty members conduct research to enhance teaching, to contribute to the betterment of society, and to discover new knowledge. Faculty and staff stimulate critical and creative thinking increasingly complex world. Deriving from the mission of Creighton University, the Department of Internal Medicine is committed to resident education that is learner focused and academically rigorous. Our residents are prepared to face an ever changing and evolving landscape of medicine, while still remembering our core values of what defines an excellent physician: excellent evidence based care given with compassion, understanding, and cura personalis (Jesuit value of caring for the whole patient). Our residents serve our diverse community, including the underserved, and treat all patients with respect and dignity. This aligns with the core values of our sponsoring institution CHI Health, which includes reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

program aims

  1. Our program will transform our residents into lifelong learners who continuously strive for academic excellence in an innovative learning environment. –This will be reflected by having our residents have board scores in the top 25% quartile in the country.
  2. Our program trains residents who not only excel at the clinical care of the physical needs of our patients, but we also practice and teach the Jesuit value of ‘cura personalis’ where each individual is respected as a creation of God. This will be reflected in our approach to health care disparities which will go beyond the care of the uninsured and work towards equal outcomes for all persons. –This will be measured in our health disparity research and implementation and our educations focus on cultural competence in our program.
  3. We have a supportive, collegial training environment that places an emphasis on resident wellness and resiliency and installs in our residents’ tools to help prevent burnout in their future practice. –This will be measurable from ACGME surveys on resident satisfaction
  4. We produce physicians who are highly trained to foster continuous improvement in their clinical learning environment by focusing on the process of health care quality. Our residents will graduate committed to this process so that they can continue to improve patients care throughout their career. –It will be measurable by having over 50% of the QI projects developed by our residents adopted by the health care system and will save the academic hospital system over 1 million dollars a year.

Program Goals

  1. To Provide a Collaborative and Supportive Learning Environment
  2. Availability to Dedicated Faculty who are Passionate about Teaching the Art and Science of Medicine
  3. Resident Achievement of the Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes for Success as a Practicing General Internist or for Subspecialty Fellowship Training

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