Neurology Residency Program

Neurology residency at creighton

Welcome to Creighton University’s Neurology Residency program

Creighton University’s Neurology Residency program is an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited four-year program. We are approved by ACGME and the American Academy of Neurology.

Our residency educational goal is to prepare our residents to the evolving field of Neurology.

Adapt and incorporate the new technologies such as tele neurology to address national health disparity in the field of Neurology.

Develop lifelong habit of inquiry and learning evidence-based medicine with research activities and local and national meeting participation.

Exposing the Neurology residents to the best neurological care in a rapidly evolving and diverse field.

Program Tour

Mission statement of the Creighton University Department of Neurology

We are committed to provide compassionate, cost-effective comprehensive care to patients with neurological disorders from all segments of our community. Our approach is anchored in our firm beliefs of faith, integrity, and respect for human life.

Creighton University Neurology Residency Program AIMS

  1. Creighton University Neurology Residency Program AIMS Creighton neurology residents will have extensive training in all the sub-specialties led by faculty members who are leading experts in their fields. The program will provide the latest and rapidly expanding treatments and therapies in various specialties by faculty members who have advanced subspecialty training. Their training will make graduating residents ready for competitive fellowships or practice as highly qualified general neurologists.
  2. The Creighton Neurology program will have an optimal clinical learning environment that will promote well-being and resiliency. This will occur through novel programmatic framework from faculty who are national experts in this field.
  3. Creighton Neurology residents will develop a lifelong habit of inquiry and make significant scientific contributions to the field of Neurology by performing research activities and participating in local and national meetings.
  4. Creighton Neurology residents will benefit from expert advice on their individual education pathways from Faculty Mentors whose goals are to promote each resident to achieve optimal future career opportunities.