Radiology - Residency Program

Radiology Residency

As a new resident in our program, you have joined a family of fellow residents, attendings and staff members who are committed to your education while providing excellent patient care to the community of Creighton. You are an invaluable member of our team.

Hear From Our Residents

Mission Statement

Mission and Values Our department mission stems from the core principles of Catholic, Jesuit education that originated over 450 years ago and continues today. These values provide an interdisciplinary foundation for each resident and faculty member and offer life-long principles for radiologists to embrace and share with the world. The core principles are: Magis: meaning “the greater good”. Magis embodies the idea of discerning. “What is the best health care choice or medical imaging study in a given situation, of several good choices, to better serve or glorify God and make a difference?” Magis challenges you to strive for excellence during your residency training. Men and Women For and With Others: A spirit of giving, service and solidarity with another and those underserved, recognizing that all humans have physical and spiritual needs. Our goal is to form radiology physician leaders who are “men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment”.

Cura Personalis: meaning “care for the person” and concern for the personal development of the “whole person”, promoting human dignity. It describes care we give as residents and faculty: not only of our knowledge, expertise and skill, but of ourselves as well. We care for the uninsured and work with all - no exceptions. Total Unity: The essence of Ignatian spirituality, teaching us to experience life attuned to God’s activity in everyday circumstances such as interpreting images or counseling a patient. Finding God in all things we do while teaching and learning a science to become aware of the beauty in everything created through an ongoing process of personal reflection. Agents of Change: Faculty and radiology residents alike are encouraged to seek justice, especially for the poor and marginalized -those on the periphery of society and without health care choices. We strive to prepare radiologists to be change-agents in society and their professional lives whether academics, community practice or industry and be “contemplatives in action”.

Program Aims

  1. Educate radiology residents and medical students in medical imaging including interpretation, therapeutic and interventional procedures.
  2. Develop interdepartmental and interdisciplinary relationships to enhance patient care and access.
  3. Foster an attitude of leadership and service to others at the local, regional and global levels.
  4. Offer a diverse educational experience with academic and community based exposure.
  5. Develop life-long educational learning practices through scholarly and teaching endeavors.
  6. Produce board certified versatile and collegial radiologists able to practice in all medical environments with strong focus on quality and safety.